Most weekends you'll find my husband and I driving to estates sales and auctions near our
home in northern California. So naturally, when my father passed away in Valdosta while we were visiting we decided we'd have the estate sale and sell everything ourselves. Why not? Less then 24 hours later we realized we didn't have the experience nor the time to do it ourselves. Many other important matters pertaining to the estate and placing my mother in assisted living needed our immediate attention. It was extremely overwhelming thinking about everything that needed to be done so I was relieved when my husband called Olde Mill Town Auction & Consignment Gallery in Remerton and set up and appointment with Karen and Tom Carlisle. They were friendly and eagerly accepted the challenge of cleaning, preparing, and selling the contents of three outdoor buildings, a 2000 square foot home, vehicles, motor home, tractor, mower, farm equipment, etc. As I said, we go to estate sales frequently, but nothing prepared us for how organized Karen and her team were. Everything was cleaned, organized, and most importantly priced before they held the sale which impressed me immensely = more $$$. Unforseen legal problems meant we had to reschedule the estate sale a few times. Karen and her staff never complained once, instead they kept organizing our mess and preparing for the day when the sale would happen. Three months later, we drove home to California...and the estate sale was still on hold. As far as I know Karen, Tom, and their staff do everything, and if they don't they know someone who does. Tom mowed my parent 1.3 acre lot and took care of the property, they removed all the garbage, cleaned every building including the house preparing it to be sold, changed locks on the house and ensured everything was safe, and cleaned up the yard after two serious storms passed through Valdosta. Karen even recommend a realtor when I needed to sell property in Ray City. Greg Moore sold it within days!!! While all of these things were going on my husband and I were also caring for my disabled brother. Karen and Tom were indispensable and made a very difficult time much, much easier. Please don't hesitate to call them if you need any service they offer. They're such nice people!

Brad & Debbie Smardo

Sacramento, California

Estate sale of the late

Barbara Lee Aiken

of Valdosta, Ga

October 24th,26th,27th

Address to be disclosed

Wednesday before the sale